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26 PCS Manicure & Pedicure Kit

26 PCS Manicure & Pedicure Kit

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  • Elevate your nail care routine with our 26 PCS Professional Nail Clippers Pedicure Kit. This comprehensive set includes nail cutters, scissors, cuticle nippers, and more for a complete grooming experience.

  • Achieve salon-quality results at home with our Professional Nail Clippers Pedicure Kit. With 26 essential tools, this manicure set is designed for precision and ease, ensuring a flawless nail and cuticle care routine.

  • Unleash your inner nail artist with our 26 PCS Nail Cutter Scissor Cuticle Nipper Tool Kit. Crafted for both foot and face grooming, this professional set is a must-have for maintaining well-groomed nails and cuticles.

  • Take control of your nail maintenance with our comprehensive 26 PCS Grooming Kit. From nail clippers to cuticle nippers, this manicure set has everything you need for a perfect at-home pedicure and manicure.

  • Experience the ultimate in nail care with our 26 PCS Foot Face Grooming Kit. Whether you're shaping, trimming, or perfecting your cuticles, this professional set of tools ensures a salon-quality result from the comfort of your home.

  • Transform your nail care routine with precision and style using our 26 PCS Manicure Set. Crafted with professional-grade tools, this kit provides the essential instruments for a flawless at-home pedicure and manicure.

  • Elevate your self-care game with the 26 PCS Professional Nail Clippers Pedicure Kit. This all-in-one grooming set features nail cutters, scissors, and cuticle nippers for a complete and satisfying nail care experience.


26 PCS Premium Manicure Set, Nail Clippers, Pedicure Kit, Stainless Steel Nail Care Tools,Professional Grooming Gift Kit,Travel Manicure Kit,Fingernail Clippers for Women & Men

Why choose us ?

❥Made of Top Quality Steel: Our Stainless steel nail clippers are made of high quality steel, which is strong and durable, and it won't become dull, extremely hard and sharp.Designed for lifetime use.After using all the tools, you will be amazed by the good quality of each tool!
❥Professional Design: This nail clipper set adopts the unique anti-splash design with environmentally friendly PU leather, which can be moved up and down to store nail clipper.
❥Much Safer: This nail clipper set also has children's nail clippers to protect children's tender skin. The nose hair trimmer adopts a round head design, that will not hurt your nasal cavity.
❥Multi-Functional Care Set: The nail clipper kit contains 26 pieces of with the major beauty manicure tools, can be used for eyebrows, ears, nose, fingernail, and toenail. Perfect for all kinds of people, including men, women, girls, boys, seniors and babies.
❥Best Choice for Gift: When you are worried about what gift to your husband, why not choose us? Simple packaging, complete accessories, intimate care from head to toe! A nail kit for women, nail clippers for men. Perhaps:Holiday gifts? Anniversary gift? Congratulations gift when a friend moves? choose us!

10 Pieces Face Care set

1.Eyebrow scissors:The curved blade design inr trimming excess eyebrows
2.Nose Hair Clippers:Trim nose hairs
3.Eyebrow tweezer :Clip off the excess eyebrows and shape the eyebrows
4.Flat eyebrow clip: Flexible design, high bite degree, easy to pull out fine hair.
5.Ear spoon: Quickly clean ears canal without hurting your ears
6.Spiral ear spoor:Clean the ear canal in all directions
7.Ance Bowl Needle:Squeeze out acne
8.Hook acne needles :Easily squeeze stubborn acne
9.Acne needles: Easily pierces the acne
10.Round scraper needles:Hang out pierced acne

8 Pieces Hand Care set

1.Large nail clipper:Suitable for cutting small nails and other nail edges
2.Middle Nail Clippers:Suitable for nail comers to remove hard calluses
3.Mini nail clipper:Suitable for cutting small nails and other nail edges
4.Diagonal nail clipper :Suitable for nail comers to remove hard calluses
5.Nail edge trimming tool:Build up dead skin on the edges of your nails
6.Large nail cleaner:Clean dirt inside and outside nails
7.Mini nail cleaner:Clean dirt inside and outside nails
8.Nail file:Smooth the nails that have been cut.

8 Pieces Foot Care set

1.Ingrown Toenail Clipper: Suitable for removing dead skin and thorns on hands and feet.
2.Nail file: Sharpening his nails makes him smooth.
3.Foot nail cleaner: Suitable for removing dirt on toenails.
4.Scraper: Scrape the thick dead skin on the heel.
5.Right-angle removal tool: Smoothly remove dead skin
6.Bevel removal tool: Suitable for removing dead skin and calluses from other angles
7.Mini removal tool:Suitable for removing fine dead skin
8.Nail edge extractor:Used to remove the inside of the embedded foot nail

Sharp Curved Blades Head Easy to Cut

7 Steps to Beautiful nails

Step1-Wash and dry your hands
Step2-Trim your nails using the nail scissors and clippers
Step3-Gently push back your cuticles using the dual cuticle pusher
Step4-Use the glass nail file to smooth the edges of your nails
Step5-Wash your hands again to remove any dust
Step6- Apply your favorite cuticle oil or hand cream and massage in well
Step7-Paint your nails with your favorite nail polish

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